: An Introduction

Boss is a website platform developed by Verb for small to medium sized websites and deployed by Graphic Designers. For more information regarding Boss from a sales perspective visit is the reference site for designing websites. It's a not-yet-designed site; that's your job. Instead, it's a reference site for the Boss platform

The beauty of Boss is that it comes with a standard template mark-up by default, this can then be completely and utterly changed to whatever wonderful creations you are dreaming up, depending on both your design requirements and your clients' budgets.

How to use is under constant development and is meant to assist you with:

  • Design processes
  • Boss API integration
  • Template structures
  • Prebuilt template experimentation

The Boss golden rule is that if it's possible in the browser it's possible with Boss. Designed specifically to meet the varied and demanding design requirements of the world's best designers it's always good to have a starting position.
So just in case you don't want to redesign the 404 page or the Request Password page, this site is running the default styles and templates which act as a possible starting point for your design.
It's like CSS Zen Garden  in one aspect but then you can also change absolutely any HTML as well.

So have a play!

We hope this site makes good sense and if you spot some code that can be optimised, we'd really love to hear about it. Default site implementation is optimised for HTML5, we also have an older HTML4 default template set.